Maybe, I’m just still angry about a discussion I had with my manicurist on Saturday. She kept bringing up ways that a child would suffer if reared by gay parents.

So, I tried to educate her on the ins and outs of parenting. I let her know that studies have been conducted and gay parents fair about the same as straight parents. Children of gays do not suffer from strange ailments any more so than children of straights do.

Then, I see the headline on CNN, reminding me of the couple who locked their 11 adopted, handicap children in cages in the basement and I think — Gays are bad parents?

I have not read one story — seen one newscast — been told one tale by anybody that showed a gay parent abusing their child in some manner — NOT ONE.

And, yet, when I mention my desire to be a parent, I’m told all sorts of made up horror stories that a child — who isn’t even here — will have to suffer through because he or she will have two moms.

So, for all those out there who seem to think gays are bad parents, read the article. These are straight, upstanding American parents. I’ll bet they even voted Republican.

They abused their children — and, worst than that, they aren’t alone.

God bless those poor kids. I hope they find happiness with better parents who will love them.

God have mercy on the souls of those who helped these two monsters become parents.

God bless the rest of us.