I can’t believe that someone would actually sue a fast food restaurant because they ate fast food and became fat! The thought is totally absurd.

But then, the idea someone would sue McDonald’s because she managed to spill hot coffee in her lap — and win — was once absurd, as well.

Right now on Governor Doyle’s desk is a bill that will prevent people from suing fast food restaurants because of their own weight problems. He doesn’t think he needs to sign it, because there has never been a suit such as that in Wisconsin, but I disagree.

Sign the bill, Governor Doyle. We have enough ridiculous lawsuits cluttering up our courts as it is. We don’t need any others.

And, before I get letters over the use of fat — I’m a big gal — and I’m not going to soften the blow of fat by saying obese or overweight.

By the way, if Governor Doyle doesn’t sign the bill, perhaps I should sue Taco Bell for assisting me in being such a tubby.

Just a thought.

God Bless