If you, like my brother, believe that we are at war and this justifies Bush’s spying on ordinary American citizens, then ask yourself this one question: “If this was Bill Clinton and the circumstances were exactly the same, would I still be supporting this trashing of our 4th Amendment rights?” If you answer yes, well, we both know you’re lying, as 99% of conservatives in this country were against anything Bill Clinton did.

Spying on American citizens without a warrant is wrong, it is illegal and it is NOT protected by the constitution of the United States of America. And, if you think this falls under Executive Privileged, you’re wrong again — There is no concept of Executive Privileged in the Constitution. (See, isn’t that how it is for both sides of the fence, most Americans have never made it passed the bill of rights, so you can say anything is in the Constitution and they’ll believe you — no matter if you are left, wrong or in the middle.)

Anyway, the ACLU is suing to protect our rights and I believe that we, as free American citizens, should stand up and support them. I’m including the text from an email I received regarding this and the above link is for a web ad they’re promoting.

“Something is wrong in our country. The president is overreaching his authority with a vast program of illegal spying on Americans, and Congress, which is supposed to check executive power, is preparing to ratify his illegal surveillance program after the fact.

In a backroom deal announced this week, key Senate Republicans met with Vice President Dick Cheney and agreed to create legislation that would rewrite our laws by requiring less disclosure and less judicial power to check wiretaps than current law demands.

The message these partisans are sending to the people and the country is clear: partisans are willing to put party loyalty over fundamental and timeless values, such as the preservation of the Constitution and the rightful power of Congress as a check on the president. Many Americans are appalled that our President has not only ordered warrantless spying on Americans, but has unapologetically claimed that he has the power to break the law.

The question for us now is: What message will we the people send Congress?

The ACLU is asking you to join with us in declaring unequivocally that warrantless spying on innocent Americans is unacceptable.

It’s at moments like these that our system of checks and balances matters most. When the president asserts absolute power and the legislative branch abdicates its responsibilities, we must turn to the courts: the third pillar of our democracy.

Yesterday, the ACLU asked the judge in our NSA lawsuit to immediately block the illegal NSA spying program in order to prevent “concrete harm”” to our plaintiffs –— journalists, non-profit groups and other advocates –— and to the American way of life. The ACLU V. NSA lawsuit aggressively challenges the Bush Administration’’s abuse of power, charging that the spying violates all Americans’ rights to free speech and privacy under the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.

White House allies in Congress may be willing to help cover up this illegal program, and other lawmakers may be willing to stand on the sidelines, but when the president breaks the law, neither Congress nor the courts should give him a get-out-of-jail free card.

I urge you to stay involved as we work to end illegal government spying and restore the rule of law. The debate in Congress is far from over, and our legal challenge to the NSA has only just begun. We must stay vigilant if we want to preserve a democracy where the people are both safe and free.


Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director”

Keep this in mine, my conservative friends, accept this law now and when a liberal is back in the Presidential office, you won’t be able to blow a gasket when he commits an illegal spying act.

God Bless