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Date: March 9, 2006

WI Senate Strikes Again!

Just two days after the Senate decided that Wisconsin Voters should decide if we want the death penalty or not, the Senate has gone and made sure that the ethanol bill is totally dead in the water.

Now, I’m not sure if I support this bill or not, but it seems to me that we should have some hearings and discussion about it before it is indefinitely postponed. But, that’s not how our Senate works. No, they don’t want to deal with the idea that this might make things better in the state and it might ease our dependence on foreign oil — let’s kill it before we review all the evidence.

By the way, the Assembly approved the measure way back in December — so just what has our State Senate been doing for the last four months? Oh, yeah, they’ve been pushing for the anti-gay amendment. Well, it’s nice to see that they’ve been too busy to give an important bill any consideration.

Here’s what I purpose in the 2006 elections — vote them all out — everyone of these do-nothing Wisconsin State Senators. We don’t need the death penalty, we don’t need an amendment limiting the Governor’s veto ability and we don’t need an anti-gay amendment. We do need better schools, more jobs and lower taxes, but I haven’t seen any of that on the Senate’s agenda.

God Bless

Should Straight People be allowed to be Police Officers?

This story is actually from Illinois. An Illinois State trooper is getting six months in jail for sexually harrassing a couple. He’s been on the force for ten years, so I just wonder how many more couples he has harrassed. I don’t see why he should only get 6 months in jail and I see this as one more reason why straight people — especially straight men — should be constantly monitored. It is totally apparent that they cannot be trusted to behave themselves in polite company.

God Bless

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