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Date: March 4, 2006

God Hates George W. Bush

Here’s a thought that I haven’t read on a blog or heard on the radio, but what if 9/11 happened because God hates George W. Bush? What if our soldiers are dying in Iraq, not because we are harboring homosexuals in this country, but because we elected George W. Bush our leader? What if those who suffered in Louisana did so as punishment for voting for George W. Bush?

I’ve read on the right-wing sites and I’ve heard the suggestions made in the media (right-wing media) that God has abandoned America because of our sinful ways, but America has always had sinful ways. The idea that America has been this innocent, saintly nation is absurd. There have always been sinners in our midst — from the very beginning — but, there hasn’t always been a George W. Bush.

Bush has only been our president since 2001, the year that the World Trade Center was destroyed and, according to Falwell and the like, 2001 was also the year that God lifted His protections from this great country. Coincedence? I don’t think so. God protected the World Trade Center from being destroyed in 1993, when Bill Clinton was president, but He allowed it to be destroyed when George W. Bush was president.

Perhaps, God id trying to tell us something.

Just a thought.

God Bless

Little Brother is Watching

I received an email from Dustin J. Below is what he said:

“I’ve never written before and actually after reading your site for a
while I never had anything cogent to add but I thought this might be
of interest.

A friend of mine took this picture while we waiting for the train on our way to class. It of Boston Mayor, Tom Menino. Notice the billboard over his right shoulder! This is a big billboard right next to Fenway Park with a picture of President Bush’s eyes with the line “Little Brother Is Watching” plus a website Its up right now. I have no idea who did it but its a pretty bold challenge to the President in the one
of the biggest markets in country.

I am surprised it has not gotten more press? Crazy.

Dustin J”

I checked out the website and it is interesting. It contains links to other sites regarding the illegal survellience President Bush is conducting. If you get a chance, check it out.

Thanks for the email, Dustin.

God Bless

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