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Date: February 28, 2006

Today’s Vote!

According to JSONLINE, the Republicans don’t expect anyone to put up much of a fight regarding today’s vote on the anti-gay ban. They figure it’s a slam dunk and they can all go home and pat themselves on the back. (And, pray to God that He forgives them for their sins, I’m sure.)

Anyway, I just received an email from a buddy of mine who let me know what happened on the floor. I’m posting it here, verbatim.

“I have to share with you what just happened on the Assembly Floor. Representative Jon Richards (Dem-Milwaukee) introduced a constituent in the gallery who fought on the U.S.S. Wisconsin. A real war hero. Everyone stood up and cheered — the Republicans cheering the loudest. (They love their war heroes). Then Representative Richards introduced this man’s gay partner to much cheering from the Democrats and much less from the Republicans. :-)”

Guess Republicans aren’t too keen on gay war heroes and their husbands.

Keep good thoughts that right will win over might and somehow this won’t pass.

God Bless us all.

JS Online:Don’t cut Guard funds, forces, Doyle, governors tell president

JS Online:Don’t cut Guard funds, forces, Doyle, governors tell president

Are these reports that the President wants to cut spending and manpower from the National Guard true?

While we have a shortage of manpower?

While 47% of our fighting force in Iraq and Afghanistan are from National Guard Units?

This is when our President decides, hey, let’s cut the money?

Why? What could he possibly be thinking?

Cutting our military, especially in a time of War (and that’s what the right-wing keeps saying, we’re at war. We can illegally wiretap your phone, because we’re at War.) is not going to help the situation.

The National Guard serves both the states and the federal government. This is not when we should be cutting their budget.

God Bless

Breast Cancer

Last night, I’m talking with my sister-in-law, Robyn, who is married to my brother, Scott. She mentions to me that my sister-in-law, Tara, (who is married to my brother, Brian) is participating in the Breast Cancer Walk — the one for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation — in Chicago in September. So, Robyn tells me that Tara is planning on sending out a notice to all our family members, so I get the information together and send an email to all of my friends — and who is the first to respond? Darren Pillsbury of Imaginary Friends. He has even offered to put a link on his site to the donation site!

Thanks so much, Darren!

So, if you would like to donate to this worthy cause in my sister-in-law’s name, click this link. Or, go to the website: Click on Donate. On the left side, choose Chicago. Under Participant’s Name, enter Tara Totsch and hit search. Visit the link to donate in Tara’s name.

Thanks in advance!

God Bless!

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