I’ve always loved Bikers. Nearly everytime I have come in contact with a biker it has been a positive experience.

The Patroit Guard Riders are no exception to this rule. They are going from military funeral to military funeral to shield the families of our deceased military service personnel from the hate-mongers of the Westboro Baptist Church. (This is the hate-filled church who used to protest outside AIDS victims funerals.)

The Patroit Guard Riders wave American Flags and chants in order to drown out the un-Christian, un-American, sinful, blasphemer members of the Westboro Baptist Church. (This church is not affiliated with any large Baptist organization and is mostly attended and run by family members of the self-proclaimed Rev. Fred Phelps — may he not rest in peace and my God descend from Heaven above to throw Rev. Phelps into the pit of Hell and may I be there to witness it. — Sorry, gentle readers, but my Christian forgiveness is long forgotten when it comes to this man, but I’m working on it.)

Kudos to the Patroit Guard Riders — thanks for reminding me that there are good people still living in America.

Oh, and when you vote this next election, remember that the amendment against gays in this state just gives power and support to people like Phelps and his sick, twisted cult of a family.

Our service men and women fight for our freedoms everyday, so when a group such as this appears at their funerals to protest, every American should drive 300 miles to protect and shield their families.

And, don’t get me started on their signs that thank God for IEDs (the explosives by which the majority of our soldiers are killed in Iraq).

God Bless.