Okay, now I’m mad and when I get mad, I blog about it.

Ameriquest sold our mortgage — the one we just took out with them less than 3 months ago — to CitiFinancial, who sucks.

We went with Ameriquest BECAUSE we could 1) do automatic withdrawals on payments and 2) do bi-weekly payments. This will cut our 15 year mortgage down to 121/2. BUT NO– Citifinancial will not honor these payment arrangements because — according to them — they are not required to by law.

So, making a customer — who is forced to do business with you — happy isn’t something you — Citifinancial — are in the business to do. Okay, fine. I called the Wisconsin State Attorney General’s office this morning. I’m filing a complaint against both Ameriquest and CitiFinancial.

And, I’m going to blog the whole bloody process. Plus, I’m going to start a new blog, just for the process.

Right now, I suggest that no one do business with either of these companies if you can help it.

God Bless.