Hit the above link and you can read a transcript regarding how CNN senior analyst, Jeff Greenfield, feels about political remarks stated at Coretta Scott King’s funeral on Tuesday. Apparently, Mr. Greenfield is unhappy that President Carter remarked on the illegal wiretapping of the Kings, implying that this was a dig at the current administration. The transcript, also, implies that President Clinton and Joseph Lowery took some jabs at President Bush. Unfortunately, I don’t happen to have a transcript of the actual funeral, so I can’t comment on their remarks.

However, CNN was nice enough to print President Carter’s remarks. I don’t feel that President Carter was making a dig — he was stating a fact:

“It was difficult for them personally with the civil liberties of both husband and wife violated as they became the targets of secret government wiretapping, other surveillance.”

Like it or not, that happened — illegal wiretaps and, like it or not, this administration has done its fairshare of illegal wiretaps.

If you read the entire transcript, you would think that ONLY liberals made any protests or did anything inappropriate. Now, since I don’t hear the King family disagreeing with anything that was said, how can anyone say it was inappropriate. If the King family wasn’t offended, no one else should take offense.

(Plus, they act like Pres Bush did the Kings a favor for showing up and making nice. I really resent that. The King family did a favor for by not asking him not to come so he could have his photo ops. Plus, Bush isn’t supported by 49% of the population, that isn’t a small minority, that’s nearly half the nation. I’m sure he’s a big enough man to realize some people aren’t going to like him or his policies.)

Anyway, what you won’t read in the transcript of the interview with Jeff Greenfield is what I found in another article regarding the funeral:

“Funeral-goers were met outside the church by a protest by members of the Westboro Baptist Church. The Topeka, Kansas-based congregation is known for its anti-gay stands and frequently pickets the funerals of people supportive of gay rights, as Mrs. King was.”

Apparently, Mr. Greenfield thinks that protesting should be reserved for those on the far right and not the far left.

Isn’t that just like a conservative?

God Bless.

PS. Godspeed, Mrs. King, may God grant you a very special place in Heaven above.