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Date: February 2, 2006 – Man, 18, sought after gun, hatchet attack at gay bar – Feb 2, 2006 – Man, 18, sought after gun, hatchet attack at gay bar – Feb 2, 2006

With anti-gay legistlation mounting around the country, I’m sure that more attacks such as this one are just around the bend.

May God have mercy on Jacob Robida’s soul.


JS Online: Funeral protest measure advances

JS Online: Funeral protest measure advances

I’m not sure how I feel about this bill. On one hand, I’m not keen on anything that limits free speech, but on the other hand, protesting at someone’s funeral — be it a military member or a gay person who died of AIDS — is the samething as yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theatre.

This bill is mainly aimed at stopping the Westboro Baptist Church led by the so-called Reverend Phelps from protesting at military funerals. The bill is being written to prevent protestors from being within 500 feet of any funeral — Read it again — ANY FUNERAL.

Reverend Phelps — a Beacon of darkness, hate and the Anti-Christ — has been protesting at gay funerals for at least the last five years. He holds up signs that state, “God Hates Fags” and yells derogatory things to the family and friends of the decease. I have never been to a funeral when Mr. Phelps has protested and he should thank his lucky stars for that. Because if I ever saw him and his demon followers, I think I would forget about being a Christian and I would fight hate with hate with a wrath similar to what can be found in the Old Testament.

One last comment — I wonder why when the protestors were at gay funerals everyone supported it and it took these evil people protesting at military funerals before something was done about it? I guess it is just one more sign of why Gays feel like second class citizens.

God Bless.

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