Adrial White, 29, will be charged today with one count of first-degree intentional homicide and two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homocide, according to the The Journal Times. Mr. White allegedly shot two young men while they were allegedly breaking into his car. One of the young men, Christopher “Eric” Carbajal, died. He was nineteen years old.

Since the police are not charging Mr. White with an illegal weapons charge, I can only assume that the weapon was legal. Despite the fact that Mr. White is being described by family and friends as a nice and non-violent man, his ex-wife had gone to court twice to request a temporary restraining order. Further, Mr. White was charged, although the newspaper didn’t if he was convicted, his court records show a violent disorderly conduct in 2002 and a battery in 1995.

Still feel good about the concealed carry?

Now, I wasn’t there when Mr. White shoot to death a 19 year old kid. I didn’t even know the kid and I don’t know if he was an upstanding individual. I do know that even if he was breaking into a car just five blocks from my home, he didn’t deserve to lose his life over it. And, I do know that even if he was the best father and hardest working person in the world, Mr. White should not have had that gun he used to take Mr. Carbajal’s life.

Florida has concealed carry and now they’re working on a “Shoot First” law. A law which would allow someone like Mr. White to shoot first, just like he did. If the senate and assembly overrule Governor Doyle’s veto — we will just be one step closer to “Shoot First”.

Is that what we want?

Write your state senators and tell them you don’t want them to overrule Governor Doyle’s veto. Who knows who life you may save.

God Bless.