Assembly Bill 363

In case you’re wondering, Assembly Bill 363 is still sitting in the Insurance Committee. The members of the Insurance Committee are as follows:

Representative Nischke, chairperson, District 97
Representative Wieckert, vice chairperson District 57
Representative Underheim District 54
Representative Montgomery District 4
Representative McCormick District 56
Representative Gielow District 23
Representative Van Roy District 90
Representative Ballweg District 41
Representative Moulton District 68
Representative Cullen District 13
Representative J. Lehman – Introduced the Bill – District 62
Representative Staskunas District 15
Representative Berceau District 76
Representative Nelson District 5
Representative Sheridan District 44

There has been plenty of time for this bill to be sent out of the committee and sent to the full legislature for a full vote. Yet, there it sits, languishing a slow death.

I encourage all my Wisconsin readers to write the representative in whose District you live and encourage them to get this bill out of committee and on the legislative floor where it belongs. It is especially important to contact your representative if you live in Districts 57 or 97, the chairperson and vice chairpersons have the most pull on which bills will be brought forth to a vote.

Below is a copy of the email I sent Representative Nischke in hopes of receiving an answer. Feel free to copy it and send it to your representative. Also, stay tuned, as I will post whatever answer she sends me.

Dear Representative Nischke,Back on June 24, 2005, Assembly Bill 363 was sent to the Insurance Committee of which you are the chairperson. Since that time, the bill has not been updated, brought forth for a vote.I happen to be very much interested in why you have not brought this bill up for a vote and why this bill has not yet moved out of your committee and to the full legislation for a vote. Would it be possible for you to either email me back with this information or contact me via phone, so that we might open a dialogue into your reasoning for not acting on this bill?


God Bless