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Date: January 3, 2006

Religious intolerance — As Practiced by the Right Wing

If you are against “Intelligent Design”, the gay marriage amendment ban and the so-called Christian Right, wrong wing bloggers will write about your intolerance, such as this quote from Owen of Boots and Sabers.

I think it’s funny how so many liberals love to wax moral over the virtues of tolerance and acceptance while rejecting as intolerable a philosophy held by a large portion of the population.”

What Owen is referring to is another article on a different blog ranting against the religious wrongs.

Owen is not alone in his misreading of blogs that are against the religious fundamentalists that are trying to hijack our country. There are many with him.

I am not intolerant of the right-wing views. I would totally take up my arms and defend their right to their views. I just have a problem when they want to take their religious views and impose them on the rest of society. Suddenly, when they want to impose their views, we should all become tolerant and say, “Hey, great idea.” But, when we would like to have a more open public forum for all views, suddenly, we’re improperly imposing our viewpoints on them.

For example, gay marriage. According to the religious right, we should outlaw the chance for gay marriage because it is against their religious views. However, not all Christian Churches agree with this stance. Some Methodist and Lutheran churches do not have a problem with gay marriages. So, I’m curious, if not all Christian based religions cannot agree on gay marriage, how can the Christian wrongs insist on imposing their beliefs on the whole country?

And, this whole thing brings me back to the original statement:

I think it’s funny how so many liberals love to wax moral over the virtues of tolerance and acceptance while rejecting as intolerable a philosophy held by a large portion of the population.”

It isn’t that liberals are intolerant, the right-wing are the intolerant. Plain and Simple. Any group that wants to ensure that another group can’t have a right, isn’t practicing tolerance. And, those of us against said intolerance are in the right — not the wrong.

Seeing is Believing…

So, I’m watching an old episode of Law and Order on TNT. The episode was called Evil Breed. It is about the murder of a holocaust survivor. During the episode, there is a mention of how the white supremacist groups are now becoming mainstream. Out of curiosity, I took a look the web to see if this is true.

Did you know that there is a game out there called Ethnic Cleansing? The idea is to kill all the blacks, Jews, etc. to “save the white race.”

I totally support the First Amendment. I would stand up and defend the creators of this game their right to create and sell it. I just can’t believe that someone can be so hateful in this day and age to actually create a game like this.

Where’s our compassion for one another? Our tolerance for those that are different?

And, who is buying such games? Who could possibly play a game where you kill people strictly because of their race? I’m not really one for violent video games anyway, but this one crosses the line.

While researching that this game exists, I found an article about a two thirteen year old singers. They’re blond and pretty, but I wouldn’t want my son having anything to do with them. They’re call Prussian Blue, which I take a HUGE offense to, since they spout out their hateful message using a name that is reminiscent of the country from which came MY ancestors and I would like to think that my ancestors were not hate-filled, ignorant little bastards like these two.

I think 13 is a little young to know enough about life to hate anyone. And, I encourage all my readers who are parents to take a good look at the music and video games your kids have. Make sure none of this crap is sitting in their collections.

God Bless

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