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Date: November 30, 2005


Yesterday, the public hearing — the one and only public hearing — regarding the anti-gay amendment was held in Madison.

According to an article in this morning’s Journal Sentinel, Jenny Baierl said, “I’m concerned the state is going to determine what is morally acceptable for my child to be taught in sex education and not allow me to be the ultimate authority.”

Excuse me, but who said that allowing gay marriage would take away your ability to determine what is morally acceptable for your children? That isn’t even a logical statement. Drinking is legal in this state and it doesn’t stop me from informing my children about the evils of alcohol. So, if you don’t want your children to support gay marriage, then tell them not to and don’t support it yourself. But, don’t take away my ability to live my life with dignity and in a legal matrimonial state because YOU don’t agree with it.

If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t have one.

Hate-monger Mark Gundrum said the bill was drafted to address only “legal status” and didn’t get into specific benefits, as laws and amendments in other states have. The intent was to prevent the state only from creating a new kind of marriage recognized in Wisconsin, Gundrum said.

“If a private hospital wants to have a policy allowing visitation for someone, there’s nothing to prohibit that,” he said.

Yeah and there is nothing to prohibit them from barring the life partner of someone gay, either. But they do it.  Such as in the case of “Michael Thomas, a Health and Family Services administrator for Manitowoc County, choked back tears as he talked about his former partner who he said was shot – in front of Thomas – because he was gay; Thomas was kept from him in the hospital. ‘He died alone in a room with me peering through the glass because they wouldn’t let me be with him,” Thomas said. After 20 years with a new partner, he said, “I don’t want the same thing to happen again.’”

So, don’t tell me that an anti-gay amendment somehow protects families and marriages – all it does is harm the gay families that are out there.

Amen, I say to you, if you support this amendment, you are only showing your own fear and hatred of gay people. Period. You aren’t protecting anything, but your own ability to legalize hatred and contempt.

God Bless

Open Hearing in Madison

Today the ONLY Public Hearing on the anti-gay amendment was held in Madison. One public hearing on an amendment to our state constitution. Unfortunately, I had to work, so I missed my one opportunity to let the piss-poor representatives of this state know how I feel — how this will hurt my wife, my children and my extended family.

Here’s a thought, while the lame wing is out discussing how gay families will harm America, maybe, we should bring up the idea that gays will no longer have to pay taxes in this state. Let’s do it. No more giving this state our hard earned dollars. Why should we? We don’t have equal protection under the law. We aren’t treated as full citizens, so why should we be forced to pass along our money to support a bunch of straight people?


Do I use WIC?
Do I send my kids to public schools?
When I’ve needed a police officer, was one there?
No — just trust me on that.
Will my wife be able to apply and utilize state funded health care?
No — why, you ask. Because if she does, the state will force me to sell our home to pay for it. There are no protections to allow me to live in the house.
Will I be able to apply for her social security?
If social security is privatized, will she be able to leave any of it to me?
If she gets sick and needs round the clock care, will I be able to make that decision?
No — not if the amendment passes, as that would be a right reserved for “married” people.

Remember — this’ll hurt Wisconsin, not help it.

BTW, nothing bad has happened to Massachuets since gay marriage was legalized there, but Florida and the rest of the anti-gay south has been hit with horrible hurricanes. Hmmm, wonder what God must be thinking.

God Bless.

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