Okay, vote for the anti-gay amendment and you will not just be hurting gays and lesbians, you will actually end up removing 100 rights that straight Domestic Partnerships have right now.

Vote for the amendment and you are hurting countless Wisconsin families across the state.

Vote for the amendment and my wife and I will have to go back to our lawyer’s office to ensure that we can make health decisions for each other. So, the only people to make money off of this will be the lawyers.

Vote for the amendment to guarantee burning in Hell. Go ahead and piss on God’s love. I dare you. You see, I’m tired of being a nice Christian girl and hoping that the wrong wing will finally listen to Jesus and stop this nonsense. I may burn in Hell because I didn’t give enough money to charity and I don’t do enough at church, but if you vote for this amendment, you’ll be burning along side of me.

So, call your representative. Tell them you want the anti-gay amendment on the ballot next November and then in November, make sure you vote for it. Go ahead, I double-dog dare you.

And, on Judgement Day, I’ll even hold your hand while we’re sent to Hell — or, even better, I’ll wave at you from the side that gets to stay with Jesus. As I’m sure between now and the hour of my death, I can give an awful lot to charity, but you won’t be able to un-do that vote.

And, don’t you dare claim you weren’t warned. You were and you know better than to harm your fellow man. Jesus told you to turn the other cheek and give away your cloak.

For those of you who don’t support this amendment, come on, stand up with the rest of us. Help us stop it.

And, for the Christians out there, no — not you, the hatemonger who thinks his a “Christian”, the guy next to you — help me take back Jesus from the Christian posers. It’s time we bring Him home.

God Bless.