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Date: November 12, 2005

Da Boys…

Okay, enough talk about loans, politics and other people’s blogs. Let’s talk about what you really want to discuss and that’s DA BOYS!

I’ve posted new pictures from our last visit. I can’t get over how big they have gotten! Plus, they are just so cool. I didn’t take as many pictures this visit as I have previous visits because, well, I was just too busy playing with them. They do a lot more than just sleep and eat! And, this month is special because we get to see them three times instead of the normal one visit.

Oh, BTW, I’m having issues with some pages, so the video page runs really slow. I’m working to fix it, but I have homework that needs to come first.

God Bless.


You know, I don’t trust anyone who moderates their comments before they allow them to be posted. I think it’s rude. I read the comments written and, I haven’t had a need as of yet, I plan on removing/deleting any cuss words. This is a family friendly site. Now, I’m not like some bloggers who believe they are being stalked. They even go as far as to prevent people from writing comments. Yet, they will comment on the deleted comment, which I believe is wrong.

I don’t believe anything until I can see it for myself. If you just tell me that the rant was off-topic and disgraceful, how do I really know that? I don’t. Heck, you could really write the comment yourself and just say it’s from a liberal / conservative that is stalking you.

So, anyway, I wrote a comment on a blog I’m not mentioning whose. But, I’m pretty sure that I wrote a comment larger than what ended up there. But, I’m not positive. So, this time, I kept a copy for myself. (See below.) If it is edited for comment, I’ll know and I’ll let you know just who censored it.

Origninal, with “moderator’s” comments are in bold:
Just a quick question…Why delete a liberal’s post, unless you are editing for foul language, what’s the point?

RV: The point has been made clear a thousand times, Julie. And I delete the childishness of cussing people out, degrading veterans and commenting off topic.

If they are truly ranting for ranting’s sake, aren’t they just proving your point?

RV: My posts say time and time again that they’re proving my point. Do you read?

New Comment:
“Okay, but how do I, someone who did not read the post you deleted, know that they are proving your point? I didn’t read the comment myself.
I can understand censoring out words that cannot be used in mixed company, but why not just x-out those words and let the rest of the rant stand?
And, yes, I can read. I’m pretty good at it, despite my public school education.

Oh, I should mention that I have actually deleted comments left on one of my blogs, but they weren’t comments, they were ads.”

I should note that before I decided to post this comment, I went back to see if my above comment had been added — it hadn’t. So, I thought maybe something was wrong and I’ve re-sent it.

God Bless.

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