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Date: November 10, 2005

Hot Properties

Okay, I’m not a prude, but come on. In the last episode, the ladies of the show all went to a nightclub. Well, one of the characters, Chole, picks up some guy at the club. She sleeps with him and finds out he’s a male prostitute.

So, is it just me, or is that a sleazy thing to do?

I mean, I’m not a prude and I have nothing against prostitutes in general, but why is this okay for a TV show? Just meet a guy and jump into bed with him? No wonder all those groups are calling for better television and censorship!

But, that brings me to another topic, why is it that good, clean shows, such as “Joan of Arcadia” get cancelled for low ratings? Why do we all complain that Hollywood doesn’t understand us and doesn’t give us what we want and then when we get a good family show, we don’t watch it?

What do you think? Let me know!

God Bless.

Hello, Virginia!!!

So, every month, I check out the stats regarding my site. How many hits did I get? What time of day, etc. Well, one of the stats that I check is from what state are my visitors?

Since I’m a good old Wisconsin Babe, I figured that the majority of my visitors would be from the great state of Wisconsin — nope. They’re from Virginia. Each month since I started this site back in April Virginia hits the top for hits, views and visits.

Over 6,000 of my hits came from Virginia. In fact, in the top ten of my visiting states, four of them are red staters. Well, shut my mouth and pass me the pie. Welcome, Red Staters!

Well, I guess this must mean that I have a broad appeal and I’m not just discussing issues that are related to Wisconsin.
I am always curious, however; how I can have such high stats for hits and such low numbers for commments, but I guess people from Virginia must just not have too much to say!

Oh and what’s up with people from Washington State? On November 1, ya all were crawling all over my site. I only posted a couple of links to other blogs and information about how difficult it is to get a credit report out of Primerica. Oh, and speaking of Primerica, the loan guy won’t leave us alone. It seems like he’s calling every other day. He’s offering to make things “right”, but, really, once a company has lied to me, I’m really not interested in doing any business with them.

So, we’re probably going to go with Ameriquest. Now, a co-worker said that he heard bad things about Ameriquest. I said, like what. And, he said, that they get pretty nasty when you miss a payment. Well, I don’t know about that. I do know that they have not lied to us and, frankly, we don’t miss house payments, so it doesn’t really matter.

God Bless.

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