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Date: November 8, 2005

Hey Harry!

I found this cute webcomic and since the cartoonist, Thomas Ebert, allows postings on other websites, I thought I’d post it here for your enjoyment. If you click on it,the Hey Harry website will open in a new window:

Hey Harry's weekly cartoon

Who Hijacked Our Country

So, I’m minding my own business and randomly checking out some blogs and I come across this one “Who Hijacked Our Country.”

So, I check out the profile and see that the owner of said blog claims to be being stalked by a person at this blog:

He went on to say that you shouldn’t post anything on the blog because your commments will be twisted.

Well, telling me not to post on someone’s blog is like telling me not to think of pink elephants! I’m definitely going to check it out and post something, if I feel driven. Might as well tell me not to breath. I have to put in my own two cents.

So, the very first post on this Republican Vet is ranting totally against liberals and making claims that all liberals rant and name call, etc, etc. I decide this man is totally filled with more hate than even I can tolerate, so I skip that blog and start scrolling down to see what else he had written. (BTW, he does have a nicely done webpage.)

Anyway, I scroll down and he’s ranting against his own twin brother and his mom, which I just don’t understand, because I got the impression that he was a Christian and Christians do not publically rant against their brothers or mothers. I happen to have two brothers both very right wing, one I think isn’t too bright because he can’t ever answer why he feels the way he does — I think he’s just repeating what my parents and other brother says. My other brother does his research and, while I disagree with his conclusions, I can at least carry on a reasonable conversation with him — well, most of the time.

My point is that I wouldn’t publically proclaim that either of my brothers is a jackass or any other kind of ass. I left the below comment. Don’t know if you’re interested, but here it is.

“I’m curious on just how you can have Christian beliefs (“It doesn’t make us moral, conservative or reaffirm our Christian beliefs.”) when referring to gay marriage, but not have any when referring to your own family? (Saying “She’s an idiot.” in reference to your mother and “Someone told this fat ass that he matters to me, lol.” in reference to your brother.) As far as the Bible states on the subject, one of the ten commandments is to honor thy mother and father. And, I realize you have some issues with your brother, but didn’t Jesus say “Turn the other cheek?””

Have a nice day and…

God Bless

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