Remember those days when you’d rush home from work, log into AOL and hear “You’ve Got Mail”? This was way back when the Internet was still so vast and exciting. Do you remember the disappointment when the man’s voice didn’t come on? It was a horrible feeling to not even find one message in your AOL account. Remember?

Well, the times sure are a changing. I can’t think of one person who is still using AOL for one thing. My Inbox is now filled more with spam than with emails from friends. 90% of the messages I receive falls into one of these categories:

  • Enlarge Your Penis or solve your ED problem. Messages mentioning my non-existent penis are quite common.
  • Save this fill in the blank.This could be anything from the spotted owl to a snake in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Pass this on to your friends. This one is usually a letter begging for prayers that usually turns out to be a hoax. (This excludes real prayer requests from people you know)
  • I’ve come into a lot of money, but I need your help in getting it. My personal favorite.
  • But, complaining about Spam is not really what I wanted to write about. Unwanted email messages aren’t my problem today — I’m waiting for an email and it hasn’t showed yet! That’s what’s really bugging me.

    This morning, I wanted to go on Wal-Green’s site to have a couple of prints made. Well, I have an account, but I can’t remember my password. It isn’t one of my usual ones, so I click the button to have my password reset and sent to me, but has it showed?!?

    No, it’s been 5 hours and nothing. Now, I did have an email problem a while back where things were being forwarded and I didn’t know it, but my son-in-law sent me an email this am and when he responded to my reply, I received that email. A couple of friends have sent emails with no problems, so what’s Wal-Greens’ problem?

    What in the world could be taking so long? It’s a password reset for pete’s sake!

    Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, starving kids in foreign lands, people suffering all over the world and I’m complaining about a password reset.

    Life’s pretty good for me and I thank God everyday for that.

    God Bless