In less than a week it will be five years since that horrible day when terrorists attacked us and did what no one thought anyone could do — take down the World Trade Center. What the terrorists wanted to happen, didn’t happen. America, the land of the free and home of the brave, didn’t fall apart, we didn’t disintegrate, we haven’t failed.

But, with the memory of that day feeling like it was just yesterday, I feel it is too soon to go to the movies and watch the real terror the World Trade Center victims felt. Yeah, I like Nicolas Cage, but, even though I think the movie has a happy ending, I just can’t go watch him in this film. The happy ending didn’t happen for a lot of families and I don’t think I want to see it on screen. I wonder if this is how people felt about Pearl Harbor?

I saw a survey result that stated that Pearl Harbor doesn’t resoniate with people today, as 9/11 has. Not many of us stop on December 1 and think of those who died there. But, I’ll bet 99% of us will stop on 9/11 and think about those who died in New York, Washington DC and on Flight 93.

God Bless