Last night, Cheryl and I decided to use some gift certificates we had been given and we went to a restaurant called Wildfire. Man, it was fantastic! You have got to try this restaurant. It’s a 1940’s supper club — complete with room names and home made mashed potatoes.

I had Filet Medallions Oscar with the Baked French Onion Soup (Cheryl and I split the soup), brocholli and mashed potatoes. It was awesome. Cheryl had the Filet Migon Wellington. She let me have a taste. The steak melts in your mouth it was so good.

For dessert, we followed up with New York cheesecake which — no lie — brought tears to my eyes. It tasted just like my late grandmother’s recipe.

The whole meal — less than $100.00.

You should give it a try.

God Bless