I’m really getting mad about the news coverage, the bailout, personal things in my life, crappy health insurance, etc.  I’m getting so mad that Cheryl would like me to start taking pills, but frankly, I’d rather be mad than have no feelings.

What I’m mad about today is this notion that Sarah Palin represents Joe Six Pack.  According to this week’s Newsweek, she seems to think that her being picked as a contender for VP means that Joe Six Pack will have representation in the White House.  So, if this is the case, who the HELL is Joe Six Pack?

You see, I always thought Joe Six Pack was the common man – like my dad.  He served his country, works hard, earns a decent (but not an abundant) salary, goes to Boy Scout meetings with his sons and is proud of his daughter and on Sunday afternoons, he sits down with a big bowl of popcorn and watches the Bears play.  God willing and the creek don’t rise, he gets to retire.  To me, that’s Joe Six Pack and that’s my dad.

But, Palin in her short skirts and college education isn’t Joe Six Pack.  She and her husband made $249,000 last year.  My dad never made that much.  Palin flips flops on the issues such as the bridge to nowhere and her now “pro-gay rights” stance she took in the VP debate.  My dad’s never flip flopped on any issue in his life — even when his daughter was yelling at him that he’s wrong.

So, is it me?  Am I wrong about Joe Six Pack?  He isn’t like my dad?  Because, if I’m right, than Palin’s wrong — she doesn’t represent Joe Six Pack.  And, if I’m wrong and she doesn’t represent Joe Six Pack, than who the HELL is Joe Six Pack?

God Bless