I was looking at some of my old posts and their comments and I saw quite a few that called me trailer trash, white trash and told me to get off my “lazy fat ass and walk down to the unemployment office and get a job.” These are comments that are nearly four years old.
I had to chuckle a little. In the nearly four years since I wrote those blog posts, my salary has been raised 28%. During most of those posts, I was working toward my bachelor’s degree, which I now have. I have changed jobs twice since then, each time receiving a significant pay raise – 18% the first time and 11% the second.
There’s a 2010 Withholding Calculator on the IRS website where you can post your financial information (salary, 401k, etc.) and it will tell you just what your tax obligation will be for 2010. Mine will be $9,000. That’s just federal taxes. It doesn’t include the amounts I’ve paid for Social Security, Medicare or anything else.
It made me wonder about the Anonymous posters who called me white trash, trailer trash and said I was unemployed. Do you think they’re paying that much in Federal taxes? I wonder if they pay taxes, like me, or if they’re in the 47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes at all. It made me wonder just who is the white trash? Me – hardworking, taxpaying American or them, those who have time to write long posts denouncing me publicly?
What do you think?