Mr. Zielinkski used to run a junkyard on his property.  Then, Oak Creek became a city and refused to give him a business license — even though he had run the salvage yard on the property years before Oak Creek was a city.  Then the city cleaned up the salvage yard essentially putting a small business man out of work.

The topper to this story is the city is trying to get a court order to make Mr. Zielinski to pay for the cleanup effort.

Is this America or a dictatorship?  Where is this man suppose to get $156,000?

(Read the story in here.)

Now, the city — if they get his land — can have a pretty hefty payoff.  The 4.5 acres are surrounded by expensive subdivisions. 

Where’s the grandfather clause?  And, why are they picking on a man who served in the Army and has a third grade education?

Judge David Hansher is now charged with the task of deciding if he should reopen the case.  I think he should.  The law should protect everyone equally and not put a man out of business and take his very last dime.

God Bless