Brian J. Doyle, who is the fourth-ranking official in the Homeland Security’s department of public affairs, has been “charged with using a computer to seduce a child”1 after being caught in a sting operation.

Are you kidding me?

Just who is running the government? This is ridiculous! We have a child molester working as a deputy press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security?!? And, no, I’m not using the word allegedly, as they caught the guy still sitting at his computer!

I’m really getting worried about this administration’s judgement when it comes to hiring people. The sad fact is that by the time the average child molester has been caught, he has molested ten kids. Ten kids. Think about that. That’s ten lives that have been ruined. That’s ten kids that lose their childhoods. That’s ten kids who never feel safe again.

And, this guy is speaking for Homeland Security?!?

God Bless us All, cause we’re screwed.

1Chicago Tribune April 5