After reading any one of RepublicanVet’s posts, you would get the impression that liberals all hate the military and do not appreciate just what our fine military men and women have done, are doing and will do for us. That is a statement which I find very offensive.

I happen to be proud of my ex-Army, served honorably in WWII, grandfather, Charles.

I’m proud of my retired Navy, served honorably in Vietnam, father, Keith.

And, I’m especially proud of my Marine, served in Iraq, son, Brian.

I stand when the National Athem is sung — even when I’m home and it’s before a NASCAR race or a televised football game. (And, I’ve been known to be so moved, that I cry.) I proudly salute the flag of our great nation, even when I’m mad at my government. I thank Vets that I meet on the street. I donate to Veteran’s organizations. I know that I owe them a great debt that can never be repaid.

So, while you’re out today, take the time to thank a Vet. They’re the reason you can say what you say. They’re the reason you can go to church on Sunday without fear of reprocussions. They’re the reason that you can read my blog — whether you agree with it or not.

May God keep our serving men and women close to his heart. And, may He keep those who have served even closer.

God Bless.