I should note that this was a story from the other day, but I wasn’t going to rant on my grandchildren’s birthday and I was busy all weekend to post it.

So, we can’t have the Justice Department investigate the NSA’s domestic surveillance program because they AREN’T being given the proper security clearances?

Say what?

This is NOT the answer the American Public wants to hear — that we can’t have answers to ensure that the NSA has not broken any laws. If everything is on the level, why not allow the Justice Department to investigate?

So, let me get this straight — the President claims that his allowing eavesdropping on wireless communication without being granted a warrant is legal and yet, the Justice Department cannot do a complete investigation to prove he’s right?

If you were George W. Bush, wouldn’t you want the investigation to proceed without any hinderances, without any issues, so that you could be vindicated and proven that “See, I was right?”

I can’t believe the President isn’t stepping in and saying, “Hey, give the clearances that are needed. I want to put this mess behind me and get on with the rest of my presidency.”

I guess if you thought the investigation wouldn’t prove you right, you wouldn’t interfer with the denial of the security clearances.

But, that can’t be what’s happening here, since President Bush has denied any wrong doing. The one thing I believe about him is that the man does not lie. When President Bush makes a statement, he believes every word that he is saying, so when he said the eavesdropping was perfectly legal, then he believes it to be true.

So, now I’m right back where I started, wondering why he doesn’t step in or make a public statement that he’s upset about this situation.

God Bless