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The Voice – A Cat for Cee Lo

I don’t usually watch reality TV.  I do my best to stay away from American Idol, The X Factor, all those lousy bachelor shows and the granddaddy of them all – Survivor.  I believe that reality TV has done it’s best to ruin and dumb down the minds of most Americans.  However; while we were up at Kim’s last month, we watched some of this season’s episodes of  The Voice.  I have to admit, I can see the allure.  Blake Shelton is a beautiful site to behold – and he has his country charm and sense of humor up front and center.  The concept that talented people are judged solely for their actual talent and not the way they look does put an interesting spin on the selection process.

And, Cheryl loves the show, so – sad to say – I’ll have to find room for it on our DVR.

Moving on.  While we were watching the show, we noticed that Cee Lo will do his talking to the camera while holding a very beautiful, fluffy white cat.  I asked Kim about it and she said she didn’t understand why he was holding this cat, but she thought it was his.  This morning, I’m flipping through this week’s Entertainment Weekly and there is CeeLo and his cat.  Except, it is not his cat.  It is a rental.  Apparently, you can rent cats (and, I am assuming, other animals).


Dude, you wanted a cat to make you look evil – I’ll get back to that in a moment – and you didn’t want the responsibility of actually owning one?  Personally, I think the producers should’ve gone to an animal shelter and found a cat to rescue rather than rent one.  And, if that couldn’t work out (let’s face it, rescue animals make the best pets, but not necessarily the best actors – Benji is the exception), at least donate some money to a local shelter to make up for the fact that you’re RENTING a cat.  Is it me?  I just find that creepy.

Getting back to a fluffy, white cat making you look evil – seriously?  Because if that is the case, Cee Lo, I’ll see your white fluffy cat and raise you a tailless, black fluffy cat and throw in two more while cats and another black one.  If owning a cat makes you evil, then I’m as evil as you can get.

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  1. I love that cat. I was just about to blog about it myself…can’t remember the name of the rental place, but yeah – I was pretty surprised to hear about that too.

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