Apparently, they can dish it out, but they can’t take a joke… I didn’t watch the Golden Globe awards, so I didn’t see George Clooney’s acceptance speech where he make a joke about Lobbyist (and criminal) Jack Abramoff. I am not going to repeat the joke here, because it isn’t one that should be repeated in mixed company. Well, the joke made his Mr. Abramoff’s twelve year old daughter cry. Now, Mr. Abramoff’s father has complained. The senior Mr. Abramoff stated in his letter, “We have had to endure two years of unmitigated, outrageous falsehood directed at my son and his record of achievement on behalf of his clients and friends.”

Let me repeat part of that, “unmitigated, outrageous falsehood directed at my son.” Is he kidding? His son pled guilty, as it he did it, as in GUILTY.

But, here’s the kicker, while President Clinton was in office, I heard joke after joke about his sex life and womanizing. I don’t recall (although I’m sure some right-winger will correct me if I’m wrong) anyone worrying if Chelsea cried about the horrible things said about her father. But, the right-wing blogs are down on Clooney like you wouldn’t believe! (I’ve always said the right has no sense of humor and I guess I’m, well, right.)

You can read Mr. Abramoff’s letter here, along with Mr. Clooney’s joke. Yes, it was in bad taste, but I’ve heard worse ones about other people. What happened to the defense of free speech? I guess it’s only free if it is a joke about a liberal.

God Bless