There’s a lot of talk that the Republican Party is the party of No.  They have no ideas, no solutions and they vote no on everything.  And, now, if Nevada doesn’t vote for Harry Reid, they will send the Queen of No, Sharron Angle, to Congress. According to a Huffington Post entry from July 9th, “Democratic assemblywoman Sheila Leslie recently told the New York Times. “She [Angle] took great pride in voting ‘no’ for everything.”  
Is this really who Nevada wants to send to a National office?
Why is it that the only message I hear from the Republicans is “Stop spending! Obama’s a socialist! Lower taxes!” ?  They don’t explain how they plan on stopping the spending.  The Obama’s a socialist remark is plain ignorant.  They don’t explain how they plan on lowering taxes.
The truth is that they have no plan in place for when they “take over”.  The truth is, they can’t lower taxes.  The truth is they have no idea where to cut spending – except, of course, when it will affect real people who can’t find jobs.
Right now, in any state, we don’t need a party of no.  We need a party of yes. I urge Nevada to not send the Queen of No to Washington.