I didn’t stay up last night to watch Obama’s speech, but I did watch McCain’s. I thought he gave an eloquent and well thought out speech. I like John McCain, even if I disagree with him. His speech last night reminded me of why I like John McCain.

There are three reasons I didn’t vote for John McCain:

1. He said he didn’t believe in gay people adopting children. People who think that are too narrow minded — yes, Arkansas, I’m speaking to you — to be able to think clearly.

2. His healthcare plan.

3. Sarah Palin.

Here’s what I’m hoping will now happen to the Republican Party while they’re at home licking their wounds. Maybe, they’ll try to get back to the Republican Party of Lincoln and Roosevelt. Maybe, they’ll come back even stronger and with fiscal responsibility on their lips. I love it when an uninformed moron says to me that Democrats are tax and spend while we have the highest deficit ever.

Obama has a long way to go to help fix our broken America. We didn’t allow our nation to be torn to pieces overnight and we won’t be able to fix it that way, either.

I like the way McCain said he’s going to work with Obama. I like that he said we’re all Americans, because that’s what is important. If we all work together, we can build this great lady back to the shining nation she once was.

God Bless