I saw this story on Huffington Post.  Apparently, Ted Williams – the homeless man with the smooth voice – was delayed in being reunited with his mother because NBC and CBS were fighting over which one of them could film and broadcast the overdue reunion.

What is wrong with you people?  Seriously?

I can understand journalists having to take a microphone and shove it in someone’s face after a tragedy to get the story or hounding a politician.  However; this is really too much.  Didn’t these network executives go to kindergarten and learn to share?

Why didn’t you morons both film it and both air it?  Let the people decide which network they wanted to see it on.  Loyal Today Show viewers would’ve watched it there – Loyal Early Show viewers would’ve turned on CBS, but in either case – and the most important item in this – Ted would’ve been reunited with his mother sooner, rather than later.  Two people would’ve been able to work on the special bonds between a mother and her son.

And, I would’ve given them a lot more credit for doing the right thing.  What do you think?