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Snow in April, Passover and Betty…

There’s nearly two inches of snow on the ground this morning and it is still coming down.  All last week, I heard people mentioning the s-word and I kept telling them not to say anything.  Alas, they didn’t listen and now we have two inches. <sigh> I blame them for this spring snow.

People don’t mention the s-word in April, so we can avoid situations like this one.

To my Jewish brethen, Happy Passover.

Finally, Betty and family are flying to Wisconsin this morning.  They should’ve all ready landed.  Please keep them all in your prayers.


Falling on Ice

I’m not one to complain about the weather – really, I’m not – but this is too much! I don’t mind the high snow banks, but the sidewalk ice drives me nuts! We should have heated city sidewalks! Of course I realize how impractical that would be – I’m just venting!
During my walk with Oliver this morning, I slipped on some ice and down I went. Oliver, who was now loose because I lost the leash, kept going. I’m not sure if this was out of embarassment (what self-respecting American Eskimo Dog wants a mom who cannot keep her balance on ice) or his lack of attention! In either case, he was quite far down the street – at least I think he was! I actually couldn’t see him! You know what happens with. A snow white dog heads toward a huge snow bank? He disappears!
Luckily, he returned to me – I think to laugh – when I called for him. A couple of months ago, he would’ve been gone. I think we’ve made amazing progress!
Well, that’s my ice story for this morning. Check back later today, an article on the GOP Problem will be posted later today.

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Let It Snow

Unless you’ve been under a rock the last couple of days, you know that a great deal of our nation was hit by one of the worst storms in my memory.  I remember having this much snow only once before in 1979. That blizzard prompted a radio station (WMAQ) to put out a record called “Blizzard of 79”.
There is something I would like to note: snow is a very leveling event. We’re all affected by it. We’ll all talk about it. And, there’s nothing anyone of us can do about it.
After waking at 4AM to no power, working from home and waiting for the plow all day yesterday, I thought I would post pictures today.

This is Oliver. He can hear the cats meowing on the other side of the door. I can't tell if he wants them to come out or he wants to go in.

This is a picture of our snow covered street. It doesn't look too bad. You can see in this picture where my property line begins. It is right there where the gap of cleared snow stops.

Inside that red circle is my property line. I don't expect the neighbors to shovel for me, but I shouldn't be able to view my line so clearly. It happens on the other side of the house as well.

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