I posted this as my facebook status and I feel strongly that we should all do the same.  Tragedies such as this can be and should be prevented!

I was thinking about that poor woman who was texting while walking & ended up falling into a Mall fountain. I cannot believe that our lawmakers are not out there right now trying to pass a law to prevent this from happening! Malls should not have fountains, they are dangerous! And, we should outlaw texting while walking! We cannot have a tragedy like this happen again! If you agree, please post this in your status!

This poor woman is not humilated because her awful fall has been posted all over and watched hundreds, if not thousands of times on YouTube!  This is a travesty!  Something should be done about it! Our lawmakers should protect us from ourselves!!!

Let’s watch the video again so that we can learn what not to do when near a Mall fountain!