Then read this:

The Republicans blocked a bill that help keep American jobs from going overseas.  It “would have ended certain tax breaks for companies expanding overseas while giving new tax incentives to businesses bringing jobs home.”

The Republicans claim that this is just an election ploy.

I claim that the Republicans really don’t give a flying fig about you, me, our children and grandchildren.  They would rather grandstand and swing their arms screaming about a disaster than actually pass a bill that will help the nation.

Haven’t we had enough?

I keep seeing the polls that says Johnson is leading against Feingold and I hang my head.  It seems that my fellow Wisconsinites don’t know a good thing when they see it.  They’re fooled by the rainmaker.

If we give the keys to the nation back to the Republicans, we get what we deserve.

See, I’m not worried about myself.  I am a highly trained, highly skilled worker.  Unless the country completely falls apart, I’ll have a job.  I might have to cut back a little bit, but I haven’t been on unemployment since 2000 and that only lasted a few months.  I put money away into my 401k and my IRA, so retirement will be a breeze for me.

I worry about you and your family.  You there – yes, you.  The one who has been out of work for six months with three little mouths to feed.  How much is in your children’s college fund?  How much is in your 401k? Savings?  How close is your house to being paid off?  What is your education level?  Your skill level?  If you find a job, will it pay enough?

Think long and hard about the person you give your vote to.

Is he rich?

Does he understand that if our jobs keep going overseas, there won’t be anyone here to tax?

Does he understand that the Department of Education ensures that poorer Americans can get a good education, so they can move up one more rung on the ladder?

Does he understand that a family shouldn’t have to choose between medication and eating?

Did he vote to extend unemployment benefits?

Does he support Social Security?  Because, you’re going to need every dime you can get from Social Security.

Does he understand how the economy works?

Does he understand that by allowing banks to branch out into investment banks caused the Wall Street crisis?

Does he get it?

Can you trust him to get the job done?

Will he honestly look out for you? Or, is he just going to make promises he can’t / won’t keep?

Think about it.

This isn’t a fight about gay marriage and family values.

This isn’t a fight about socialism and true conservatives.

This is a fight for our future and who is going to do a better job of ensuring the AVERAGE American a good future.

Look at the Republicans’ record on their votes for the AVERAGE American — under their reign, the gap between the top tier and the bottom tier grew exponentially.  Do you think they give a rat’s ass about you?

He doesn’t.  The Republicans haven’t cared about the American Public since Theodore Roosevelt left office in 1909.

But, go ahead, give them your vote.  You’re not hurting me – they’ll never really pass a law that will put gay people in jail – like Montana and Texas Republicans want.  They would lose a huge wedge issue that motivates their “base”.

So, I’ll be all right.  I’ll keep right on working, like I always have, but you – you don’t need your job to go overseas.  You need to support your family.

Good luck with that when the Republicans take over again.