A couple of days ago, the Racine Journal Times (click link) ran a story with a headline that said, “A Fair Jury?” This is in reference to the only news story here in Racine, the trial of Adrial White. The idea behind this is that because the jury panel was mostly white, race had something to do with the guilty verdict.


You shoot a kid in the back and the reason you’re guilty is because you’re black and the jury is white?

In this case, I don’t buy it. A jury of Mr. White’s black peers would’ve found him guilty — black or white, no one believes you’re defending yourself when your attacker is running away from you.

Which brings me to my headline about some people just like to cause trouble.

There’s a race problem in this country and we don’t always get along, but a headline like this is only printed to start a fire where none exists. Some people just don’t like it if everything runs smoothly. So, they have cause trouble. Some people just aren’t happy unless everyone around them is fighting.

Then, they’re happy.

So, when someone makes a comment that is designed to make you think one way or another, take a look at their agenda.

God Bless