Some days, I just don’t care about politics or celebrities or work. Sometimes, I just wonder what the world would be like when you go out at twenty years old and have a good time — better than you probably should — if someone didn’t send your butt to rehab.

And, let’s talk about rehab. Why is it all of a sudden you do something embarrassing or illegal or unethical and you go into rehab? Are all the world’s troubles because someone can’t control his or her drinking? Does this make sense to you? It doesn’t make sense to me.

And, let’s not get upset when someone says, “Happy Holidays.” You know my response, “Merry Christmas.” I smile and I don’t get upset. I don’t take it as an attack on Christianity. I take it as the person either doesn’t celebrate Christmas or they like saying “Happy Holidays.”

And, for the record, the Christmas tree is NOT a symbol of Christ’s everlasting life. The lights are NOT a symbol that Jesus brought light into the world. A Christmas tree is a pagan symbol used to celebrate the winter solstice. Christians used said symbol in order to hide themselves and celebrate Christ’s birth without drawing attention. Know why there’s (or there will be as soon as I put it up) a Christmas tree in my living room. I don’t do it for Christ. I do it to recognize all those Christians that came before me. Those men and women who had to hide their faith, had to hide their belief in God and Jesus. I put it up to honor those who have fallen for their faith and their beliefs. Because if those Christians didn’t do all of that, I couldn’t attend mass without fear. I would still have to hide my cross around my neck.

So, God bless those who came before me. The ones who practiced their faith in secrecy, so I can practice in the open.

God bless the men and women who have served our country in good times and bad. And, God bless those who are still serving, whether overseas or here at home. Thank you for protecting me, so that I may write this blog without fear that my or another government will hunt me down.

God bless my many readers who have left comments or sent emails throughout the year, especially those with whom I’ve disagreed because through disagreement we can, hopefully, find middle ground. And, God bless your love ones, no matter who they may be.

God bless my grandsons, children, wife and extended family, because all of them make my days more special and full of life.

So, as Tiny Tim — that wise child once said, “God bless us, everyone”.

M e r r y C h r i s t m a s !