#1. If you have RoadRunner, you’ll know what I’m talking about: I hate the new webmail. I’m not keen on the colors, the logoff button is too small and not in a good location. I miss the little news headlines down at the bottom and it feels like it is even slower than the last version. Oh, and when you compose in a different color and font from the default after nearly every paragraph, you have to reset your font and color because it switches back to the default. On top of that, I haven’t discovered how to get to the HTML version of my email! Good job, Time Warner, keep pushing and I’ll have to go to DSL — which I hear sucks even more.

#2. If you’re really my friend, then you know not to send me emails proclaiming that you’re my friend and telling me that I should forward it to my closest 9, 19 or 99 friends. A real friend will call to chat and tell me about their kids, job, marriage and ask me about mine. Yeah, some things are cute and we all forward them along, but at least pay attention. That husband of the year email, I saw it last year and the same five people who sent it to me this year are the same ones that sent it to me last year!

#3. The Republicans and the stimulus — sit down, shut up and vote for the stimulus. The 700 Billion Dollar package passed by the Republicans last year didn’t help, but the Democrats didn’t stand in their way. Quite frankly, if you want the truth — I don’t want / need a tax cut. Any cut you give me is truly going to be too small to make a difference in my life. What am I going to buy? An MP3 player? And, who’s economy will that help? Oh, yeah, Japan’s or China’s. Unless the government is going to cut my payroll taxes down by $250.00 a month, I’m really not going to notice the money. The only reason I bring up $250.00 is because I could use a new car and if they dropped by that much, I could afford a second car payment. Otherwise, spend money fixing our infastructure and keep my tax dollars.

#4. In case you’re wondering, I won the pregnacy test round — at least until tomorrow when my doctor finds out that I told the lab not to run it. Protocol my butt. I can’t get pregnant and my insurance company shouldn’t have to pay for a pregnancy test! Period They’ll probably cancel my surgery and I’ll have to have it another time, which will probably be even less convenient than this time.

Well, stay tuned. When I come out of my surgery and return home, I’m going to see if I can blog while still under medication! Won’t that be fun?!?

God Bless!