It comes as no surprise that the Wisconsin Senate voted to overturn the governor’s veto on the Concealed Carry bill. Now, on Tuesday, the Assembly will hold their vote.

We need to stop this from being overturned.

First, there is no proof that concealed carry states are safer than non concealed carry states.

Second, I think the villilante shooting last week in Racine is proof that it is way too easy to get a weapon in this state.

Third, the bill still does not allow law enforcement officers, responding to domestic disputes to know that the home has a concealed carry permit holder inside. (If the Republicans want to make the state safer, maybe, they should start with making it safe for the men and women who on a daily basis put their lives on the line to protect the citizens of this state. It is fact that the majority of police killed in the line of duty are killed while responding to domestic disputes.)

Contact your representative, today.

God Bless