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Sarah Palin takes on Michelle Obama and Healthy Eating

I was going to call this article Sarah Palin – Hypocrite, but then I went and looked up the definition of hypocrite and realized that it didn’t apply.  Imagine that, I’ve been using hypocrite incorrectly for most of my life.  A hypocrite is someone who does one thing and says another.  Sarah Palin is many things, but she certainly doesn’t spout off things she doesn’t believe.  At least I don’t think she does.  And, thanks to my newly understanding of the word hypocrite, it turns out that I’m not one either.

I was reading my Bloomberg BusinessWeek and I saw an article on page 44 with the title “Duck, Sugar! It’s a Food Fight”. (The online version calls it: “Sarah Palin Stews Over Government Food Rules”.)  Now, as most people know, since her husband became President, Michelle Obama has been working to improve the health of our children and ourselves.  The First Lady is passionate about ending childhood obesity, which I believe is a good thing.  Remember when we were kids?  The only time we were inside a house was when it rained.  We ran around, played sports and didn’t come home until we heard Mr. Robinson’s famous (at least in our neighborhood) whistle.  Our Moms and Dads would have dinner on the table and we rarely went to a fast food restaurant.  We didn’t have to worry about what we ate, we burned calories at a massive rate.  Childhood was our diet plan.

Kids today grow up eating McDonald’s like it is part of the food pyramid.  With all of their after school activities, they don’t have time to run around the neighborhood.  It’s no wonder their little bodies are getting pretty thick around the middle.

According to the article, the government revises the guidelines every five years.  On this go around, the guidelines are pretty strict about salt and sugar intakes. As we’ve been hearing in the past year or so, we eat too much salt in this country. Changing the food pyramid to reflect these facts sounds like a good thing to me.  But, apparently, to the right wing, the Tea Party and even to Mama Grizzly herself, getting our kids healthy is not a priority the government should undertake.  Somehow, they make these guidelines out to be the devil.  Now, I just don’t get it.

What is the big deal with working with the companies who feed our children their school lunches and get them to “pledged to double the amount of fruit and vegetables in their meals within 10 years?” How can that be a bad thing? It’s not even mandated by law. But, to Sarah Palin and the gang, it’s big-government interference. According to the article, ” she showed up at a Pennsylvania school bearing dozens of cookies, a gesture intended to show her disapproval of a state proposal to limit the sweets served in public schools.” Has the woman hit her head? Or, is she and the right wing so adamant about their beliefs, so rigid that they can’t see what is a good thing?

On top of that, I thought the right-wing gang believed in states’ rights? So, wouldn’t the State of Pennsylvania have the right to determine what is served in school lunches?

Sometimes, I wonder if that woman is just crazy and then I think, she’s crazy like a fox. She knows to keep up the anti-everything rhetoric, because I can’t believe for a second that any good mother wouldn’t want nutritional facts on the food they serve their kids and wouldn’t want their kids to have healthy choices for their school lunch? How is it possible that Sarah Palin would come out swinging about making healthy decisions when feeding out kids? What is wrong with her? This seems like a no-brainer to me.

Get it, Sarah Palin and no-brainer. Get it?

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  1. Oh man, when will that lady go away. Setting guidelines has been a part of teh Whitehouse forever. I can remember 35 years ago going through the Presidential Health programs. They are not mandating laws to enforce it. I saw not long a go some of the Fox Fixed News network complaining about recycling and vowed to not do it. How does that make sense.
    One point on our kids getting fatter. It’s not just McDonalds, which is a big part of it. The other part is when we were kids we were allowed to run around the neigborhood and beyond. Now I hesitate to even let my kids walk down the street alone most times, and I live in a very safe city. When I was a kid we came and went outside however whenever. I know I’m over protective in many cases, but maybe our parents should have been just a little paranoid themselves. There were bad people back then too, we just did not know as much about them. Now days you can look online and see where the sex offenders live in your area. It is scary there are so many so close. So sadly my kids, at least, do not get the fuill benefit of being outdoors so much and getting the excercise they should except for organized sports. It’s fortunate they are not over weight at all, that’s my role.

  2. The article mentioned that we’ve been setting guidelines for around 100 years. I don’t see a problem with that and I really can’t understand how Sarah Palin can basically come out against vegetables. It just doesn’t feel right and showing up at a school with cookies to make a statement against healthy eating doesn’t seem to be a very good idea.

    And, like you, I wish she would just go away, but she wants to be our next President – God forbid. (Not that I believe for one second that God gives a damn about our country – our people, but not our country.)

    Oh and thanks for commenting, Barry!

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