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Sarah Palin Pisses Me Off!!!

There are two women on this planet who piss me off more than anyone else.  One I know and can’t even stand the sound of her voice and the other I don’t know, but I still can’t stand the sound of her voice.  And, it is the second of these two women I’d like to discuss today.

Who is the second woman?  Come on, you’ve guessed it — Sarah — I’m a Bitch — Palin.

I can’t stand her.  Everytime she opens her mouth it’s like someone is dragging their nails across a chalk board.  She stands for everything I’m totally against.  She lies about being pro-life, she did a shitty job raising her daughter (if she did a good job her daughter wouldn’t have gotten pregnant out of wedlock) and she thinks that by being from our 3rd smallest state that means she knows something.

And, then, I hear in a CNN video where she makes a crack about how she’s excited to meet Joe Biden because she’s been listening to his speeches since 2nd grade.  No, no you haven’t.  Joe Biden was elected to the Senate in 1972 when Palin should’ve been in 3rd grade.  And, oh, am I being to hard.  That’s too damn bad because when it comes to women in public, we have to be smarter than everyone else.  We have to try harder than men and I’m not cutting her any slack.  Plus, I’m betting that she DIDN’T listen to any of his speeches.

And, I saw a headline that she won’t tell anyone what newspapers and magazines she’s reading.  Now, I don’t really care about what anyone is reading, but if you asked me what I’m reading, I’d gladly tell you, so it makes me wonder — what does she have to hide?  Why can’t she tell us?  She answered she’s read all of them.  Now, I’m not really sure just how many newspapers and magazines there are in the country, but I can bet a woman with FIVE kids isn’t reading ALL OF THEM!  I have no children in the home and I barely make it all the way through TIME, Newsweek and US News & World Report. If US News hadn’t switched to bi-weekly format, I’d never get done.

So, she can’t name ONE newspaper or magazine, she claims that she gets her news from various sources AND she goes on to say Alaska isn’t a foreign country.  I knew that last part.  I’m glad to see she does too.

I’m betting the woman reads Better Homes and Gardens (1-year) and Guns & Ammo.

See the video for yourself below.  Watch how Bay Buchanan tries to defend Palin.  It’s pretty funny.  If the video doesn’t appear below, click here.

Wait, it gets better.  She doesn’t know what the morning after pill is. 

I don’t want this woman a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  I don’t want this woman representing me to foreign heads of state.  I don’t want this woman to represent me as a member of Generation X and I sure the hell don’t want this woman  representing me as an American Woman.

God Bless us everyone — we need it.

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  1. Zeta Thompson

    October 3, 2008 at 03:36

    How do you REALLY feel about Sarah Palin? Come on, don’t hold back now.

    Ok I agree with ALMOST everything. A 17 year old can make her own mistakes. So unless all of her children follow suit we can’t blame Sarah for her teenager getting pregnant. However, everything else. Well except the Better Housekeeping. comment. I would bet more on the National Inquirer

  2. Straight Talk on McCain

    October 3, 2008 at 06:21

    I thought the whole reference to listening to him in the second grade was absurd too. If she really did, and can rememeber specifically listening to him, then she’s got other issues we haven’t even begun to touch.

  3. Zeta, I have to disagree with you — with the exception of one kid, every family I know that had a pregnant by 17 daughter failed in the rearing of them. Now, there have been plenty of parents who failed their daughters and didn’t have to pay the price of an out-of-wedlock grandchild. Generally, speaking, if your child becomes pregnant before high school graduation, you went wrong somewhere.

    Straight Talk — I totally agree with you, something’s wrong somewhere with Palin. I don’t remember the two Senators from my home state of Illinois from the same 1972 time period and I was reared to pay attention to the world around me. Still (and I’m four years younger than Palin), I don’t remember much about what happened in 1972, politically speaking. From that era, I remember the fall of Saigon and watching the helicopters on the roof and Nixon’s last day in the White House. So, I don’t believe for one second Palin can actually remember Senator Biden’s speeches from the same era. She’s not as smart as me.

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