According to a CNN article, Richard Hatch has been sent to the Federal Transfer Center in OK. Do we really care?

I mean, who is this guy? Yeah, yeah, he won the first survivor, but that doesn’t make him a public figure, does it? So, what, he won a game show — a tough show I’m not sure I could win, but still it is just a game show. Why are we making these nobodies our new heroes. At least with actors they have a craft and with the kids from American Idol, they have a talent we can for which we can admire them, but Survivor casts? I don’t get it.

Why did the View hire Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Because of Survivor. Does that really qualify her to co-host a talk show? I don’t think so, but then, maybe I would feel differently if I watched Survivor.

What do you think?

God Bless