Sometimes, I just can’t do it. I just can’t watch the news or read about all of the crap that’s going on. The GOP keeps insisting on calling the rich Job Creators, except – they’re not. The rich in this country are nothing more than rich. If they were job creators and if tax cuts would lead to jobs, we wouldn’t be having a jobless recovery.

We need consumption to go up and jobs will follow. But, it’s a catch-22. People who don’t have jobs aren’t spending money in the economy and if people don’t spend money, there’s no need to hire new people, because supply is having no problem keeping up with demand. So, you have the government put people to work, which sinks money into the economy and that drives consumption, which raises hiring.

Are you with me so far?

To spend that money, you need money, so you raise taxes on the so-called job creators. End of story. That’s how you fix the economy. Anyone who disagrees, go sit at the back of the bus.