Senator Craig has decided to stay in office and serve out his term.  He pled guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct, so what’s the big deal if he stays?

According to the Republicans, he’s putting the Idaho Senator spot in a bad place ie, a place where it could be taken by a Democrat.


If the people from Idaho elected a Republican then, most likely, they’ll elect a Republican again.  I don’t foresee them changing their minds.  But, if the bigshots in the party don’t stand behind Senator Craig, they might not see a Republican in that Senate seat.

Now, I’m not too keen on Senator Craig sticking around, but it is his choice, not mine.  But, while I understand on one level — as I’ve written before — as to why the Republicans won’t Stand By Their Man, I think it’s a pretty crappy idea.

Let Senator Craig do what he has to do.  A misdemeanor is no more serious than a speeding ticket for Pete’s sake!  If this was a felony crime, then we should be calling for his ouster, but it’s a misdemeanor!  Let him stay and stand up and say, “He’s my friend and colleague and I support his decisions.”

But, that’ll never happen, Republicans aren’t going to risk their own welfare to stand up for one of their own.

I’m sure the Democrats wouldn’t do it either.  No one has any balls anymore, do they?

God Bless