Since the site is called Top of My Head, I thought I’d post some items truly off the Top of My Head.

  1. The Governor of Texas thinks that Texas should be its own country. Well, I agree. Think about it — nothing good has ever come out of Texas. Let’s all get together, take a vote and vote Texas off this island called the United States of America. But, don’t let Texans come and try to invade the rest of us. Make them get Visas before they’re allowed to cross the border. And, instead of building a huge fence across the Mexican border, let’s build it at the Texas state line. Besides, they only joined up with us in the first place because Texas couldn’t live peacefully with Native Americans. Texas being annexed into the United States was one of the causes of the Mexican American War. Let them go and this time, don’t let them come back.
  2. Any television station that actually gives the octomom her own reality show should never be watched by anyone ever again. The show should tank and we should all refuse to watch any show on that network, until it’s network president agrees to be spanked on national TV because of his or her bad decision.
  3. Friends shouldn’t let friends sing Karaoke if the friend truly can’t sing. I don’t care how much you like the song. Also, friends should not put in songs under other people’s names. It isn’t funny. It rarely goes well — unless said friend truly can sing and is just shy. And, it annoys those of us who can sing and are waiting our turn to watch some drunk man or woman screech through a song they don’t know. Knock it off, people. Karaoke is serious business.
  4. Lewis Black is a comedic genius and we should all listen to him.
  5. Cheryl should allow me to get a new kitten and, if you know her, please tell her so. I miss Mr. Mann more than I thought I would and we need to have three cats in our house. I know the new kitten could never take his place or even act like him, but she has taken over the other two cats in our lives and now, I feel as if I’m catless.
  6. I just lost yet another diamond out of my grandmother’s rings. Does anyone know a really, really good and rebutable jeweler?
  7. Does anyone know if you have to be a Veteran or a government employee in order to get a job with the government? There’s openings everywhere, but I can’t understand all that job rating stuff.

God Bless