Have I mentioned how much I love my wife?

So, Cheryl and I are refinancing our second mortgage and we’re going to close this Thursday. Well, Primerica is refusing to give us our copies of the credit reports that they ran. Absolutely, refusing.

They’re even stating that it is illegal for them to give me my OWN credit report. What kind of BS is that? I have always received a credit report from EVERY loan place I have EVER had a loan through.

Now, I’m pretty sure that under the Freedom of Information Act, that isn’t true, but I’m not positive.

Cheryl has talked me out of cancelling the loan — I was even told that it would be fine by the woman denying what I want.

Well, let me just say — For your own sake — DON’T DO BUSINESS with PRIMERICA. (They’re a division of Citigroup/Citicorp.)

I have been telling Cheryl that I’ve had a bad feeling about this loan since day one, but once she gets something in her head, she doesn’t let it go.

God Bless.