I’m sure you have all ready heard the news about President Ford passing away at the age of 93. I just have four comments to make.

1) I remember him fondly as when my third grade class sent him letters — way back in the last century — we received letters back (although, I sure not signed by him) along with a picture of him and his family in the Oval office. I thought this was cool. I have never received a photo from any other president to whom I’ve written a letter.

2) I think he did a good thing when he pardoned Nixon because then we as a country could just move on. I’m sure, however; that’s why Carter defeated him in the 1976 election.

3) Did you know that President Ford was the only President to have served as both President and Vice-President without being elected to either office? He was, also, our longest lived President — according to my mother.

4) Finally, CNN quoted Jimmy Carter saying something nice about Ford and referred to former President Carter as “the former Georgia governor.” (Read Story Here) Shouldn’t it have said, “the former President”?

Godspeed, President Ford. I hope Heaven is all you have hoped for.

God Bless