First, sorry this is so late in the day. I’ve tried three times to get this written and I keep getting interrupted. Second, sorry that I’m not in a position to post my plan for how to get our economy back on track. I haven’t had a chance to take the ideas I’ve come up with and put with the others I’ve heard.

Third, and this one is the most important, I’d like everyone who read this blog to add a man named Eddie to your prayer list. On Wednesday, I had an appointment and when it was done, I had to have some prescriptions filled. Since I was right there by the hospital’s pharmacy, I decided to have them filled rather that waste gas driving to WalGreen’s. Anyway, while I was waiting, this nice gentleman came in and sat near me. We struck up a conversation. His name is Eddie and he is suffering from blood clots in his lungs. That sounds pretty serious to me. Anyway, turns out that Eddie served as an Army Ranger just after Vietnam. He’ll be married next month for 30 years to a nice lady who joined us not long after he sat down. They have four children — three together and one she had by another relationship. But, let me tell you what stuck me about Eddie, even though he had to struggle for each breath, I didn’t hear one word of complaint. When his wife came and sat down, I could see the love the two of them share for each other.

When Eddie’s name was called, his wife stayed by me and told me the story of how they met. It turns out that her daughter was six and had met Eddie via her aunt. She (the daughter) liked Eddie and decided she wanted her mother to be with this man. A year and a half later, the two of them went on a blind date in October. They married the following February and the rest, as it is said, is history. Something about a little girl picking out her new Daddy just touched me.

So, when you’re down on your knees thanking your Maker for the blessings in your life, please ask Him to bless and protect Eddie and his family.

God Bless