My friend, Betty, lives in AZ. I only get to see her once a year when she comes to Wisconsin to visit her son, Preston. Betty has the thickest southern accent you have ever heard in your life. She knows all the tricks from stopping a baby for crying to getting a stain out of your shirt. And, Betty loves my BBQ. Betty always answers the phone by saying, “Hey, Baby!” in her drawl. She’s a wonderful lady and I just adore her.

Unfortunately, Betty is in a hospital and she’s going to have surgery tomorrow morning. They’ve found lesions on her brain, lungs and liver. Her surgery will be after 10:15 PST tomorrow morning.

I was thinking about Betty on my drive home from work and I’ve been praying for her. I’ve added her to my prayer chain and an idea came to me:

Let’s all join together and pray for Betty. So, I’m asking you, my gentle readers, to take time out of your schedule and say a prayer for Betty – and, please, don’t stop there, pass it on. Jesus said that whatever two or more of you ask for, my father will grant and I like to take him at his word. Let’s all pray for Betty’s recovery. Let’s make Betty better using the gift of the spirit that lives within all of us.

Spread the word and, please – even if you don’t want to pass this on, say a prayer for Betty.