There are but a few things in the world that I know with absolute certainity.

  1. My dad’s a hero for fighting in Vietnam.
  2. My grandfather’s a hero for fighting in WWII.
  3. And, finally, Hitler was a horrible man and the US had to fight WWII in order to stop his reign of terror.

Pat Buchanan doesn’t know my father and grandfather, but I wouldn’t expect him to know them. However; I would expect him to know the final point. Apparently, he does not.

Now, I haven’t read Buchanan’s book and I have no intention of doing so. However; I have read a very interesting critique of the book in last week’s Newsweek by Christopher Hitchens. The critique is well written. Apparently, Buchanan wants to rewrite history and ignore the true reasons we went to war. According to Hitchens critique, Buchanan twists facts to make it look like we picked on poor Hitler, who was doing nothing more than taking on the evil Russians who needed to be destroyed.

I’m not exactly sure why reading that Buchanan thinks WWII was a waste of time upset me so much, but it did and that’s why I’ve written this post.

God Bless